A very simple Windows PC game developed with XNA/Game Studio 4

4 modes

1 or 2 players

XBox controller support

Download the installer(5/29/13)

Download zip then extract files. Run setup.exe

-- or --

release folder

This is the release folder holding the executable and resources. Extract, then run Turn0.exe. Prereqs are .Net 4 and XNA Framework 4.

a link to microsoft download of xna redist 4


The default game/map combination is mining with a 7x7 grid -- I think this is the best of the games so far.

The captures and collision gametype are best with the clover and gasket maps.

Selecting the race game type forces the map to the race track.



Left player (yellow)
left/right arrows for steering
up/down arrows for speed
wasd for absolute direction

Right player (red)
numpad 7/9 for steering
numpad 1/3 for speed
numpad 4/8/6/5 for absolute direction


bumper buttons for steering
triggers for speed
D-pad for absolute direction



Escape -- back out to menu, again to return to game

Gamepad Back -- back out to menu, again to EXIT game, B button to return to game

Enter or A button to start game (when start item is selected)

Left joystick (Player 1 controller only) or arrow buttons to navigate menu